Reliable plastic surgery,
responsible medical staff

Our goal started here.

A hospital where you can trust the judgment of the medical staff, not the belief through exaggerated advertisements.
The medical staff who are with you until the last moment the shape is established after surgery, not only the consultation.


Private plastic surgery focuses on the differences of each and every patient.
  • Body

  • Needs

  • Face

Because no face, no body can be the same,
Because the needs of everyone undergoing surgery cannot be the same,

Private medical staff with rich experience respects individual needs of beauty, not the standardized beauty. Also, based on this theory, for the better result that can be recognized by everyone, we present the best choice by agonizing with you at every moment. From the moment consultation starts to design, surgery and the final recovery. In the midst of countless thoughts and decisions, the medical staff always do their best to be with you every moment for your beauty. Accurate consultation promises satisfactory results to you more than anything else through basic, precise pre-operative design and meticulous and meticulous surgical procedures.

Focus on the WHOLEHEARTED surgery.

We do not focus on increasing the number of surgery cases through different types of surgeries.

Private medical staffs do not try to increase the number of surgeries with multiple surgeries.
We focus only on surgery that can be recommended with confidence through rich experience and that can promise good results.
We do not advertise with a fancy name wrapped or decorated with good rhetoric. We will only be trusted with our skills and results.
This is the philosophy of Private Plastic Surgery.

The true completion of the operation
is determined after time has passed.

The time when the sutures are finished and the operation is finished is not the end. It is just a beginning.
It is essential that the surgery goes well. However, a successful surgery does not mean it didn’t leave scars and it does not mean that all variables for the outcome disappear completely during the recovery period.
Recovery period up to 6 months post operation. During that time, the private medical staff is with you until the last moment when all shapes are established through meticulous check-ups at each visit. The hospital is responsible for the end result of the surgery.
This is also an important mindset of private plastic surgery.
  • It is not a standardized hospital for many people,
    A hospital that listens to each and every ones’ heart and agonize together for better results for each individual.

  • It is not a simple and indifferent surgery recommendation,
    A medical team who understands your needs and can explain why you need the surgery.


Now here,
The Private Plastic Surgery for you

Rich experience, precise analysis, meticulous surgery
And Until the confirmation of the progress with you until the end.

It is the basic ‘Mind’, philosophy of Private medical staff

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